Local Habits

Local Habits is a contemporary apparel brand designing averagely unique street wear for gracefully maturing youths of urban culture, subtly flaunting the attitude of non-conforming subcultures in quirkily acceptable ways. We are ironically literal, and self-contradictly logical.

Local Habits S/S 2017: To Live Forever, or Die Trying is the first collection crafted by Local Habits, consisting lines of illustrative apparel design, poking fun on the inevitable death of human being.

A wise dude (guess who: starts with B ends with ANKSY) said, you die twice; one when you stop breathing, and second when somebody says your name for the last time. That shit's deep isn't it?

Death is the only guaranteed part of life, ironically we breath while at the same time dying. Inspired by the idea of death, To Live Forever or Die Trying is a collection dedicated to those who wants to 'cheat death' by leaving their own marks on to this life before taking the first class ticket out of reality, in order to live immortally even after taking their their last breath.

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